Future was called in at the last minute as a fill in for an inspector with another company after that inspector had an accident that precluded conducting the inspection. What a pleasant, satisfying experience this was. From the initial contact all the way through to the completed reports, everything was seamless. This company is thorough, timely, courteous, professional, direct, and honest. All in all, superior customer service which is so rare today, that it significantly stands out when exhibited. Trust me, you simply can’t go wrong–call Future, at Futuristic Inspections today for all your home inspection needs. You’ll be so glad you did!


Future was referred to me by a co-worker and did not disappoint! Future has the perfect combo of being personable and professional. As a first time home buyer, there were many questions that I didn’t even know I had, and Future answered them for me before I had to ask. He went over every inch of the house and even took detailed pictures to explain all of his findings. I definitely have some peace of mind after Future’s inspection. I will definitely be telling anyone that I know who to go to for home inspections!

Brett Kelley

I had Future inspect two houses for me. He did such a good job the first time, I asked him to come again. He had wonderful prompt service and was very good through out the entire house. He gave us an interview after it was all over and answered any questions we had. Then, sent us the report to my email address so we had it at home.

I highly recommend to anyone who is buying a house and wants the complete view of every system in the house. You will find out the strengths and weaknesses of every system in your prospective house. So, you will know what you are buying from bottom to top.

Nancy Hoke

I am a first time home owner and I went into all of this not knowing a whole lot. I called a few different inspection companies but Future was the most personable and made me feel the most comfortable right away. His website was easy to navigate and the appointment was a breeze to set up. He allowed me to learn about the inspection process in real time and as an educator, that made for an “A+” experience. He thoroughly explained everything as we went and even made suggestions for things I may have to do in the future! My first home inspection was memorable, educational and enjoyable. I highly recommend Future Lilly for your home inspection!

Celiese Jackson

Future is always there to help answer questions for my clients. He is thorough and helps to walk them through the process of his findings and what it means to the future homeowner. I like it when the future homeowner can attend inspections because they are able to ask questions and get a better understanding than reading the report. That is important for first time home buyers.

I tried several home inspectors and many within the same company before I met Future.  The choice of inspectors seemed more like a commodity to me until we started working together.  Future is thorough and always looking out for my clients’ best interest.  We have worked together for the last two years, and he has completed every inspection that I have needed done.  There is no one else to turn to when you want reliability, honesty, and the best home inspection possible.  That’s why I use and recommend Future Lilly and his home inspection services.